Rylee : 6 months old | 1.17.14 {Kingsport TN Baby Photography}

This is the post that inspired me to get caught up on blog posts.  I have been so excited to share this little beauty with you guys, but had 6 other unposted sessions as well.  I mentioned in the Maitland's family session post that even though Rylee wasn't her usual smiley self for those pictures, to check back soon for her 6 month pictures .. where she shared soooo many adorable grins and giggles.  
Tiffany (Rylee's Mom) recently introduced me to a little local children's boutique called Super Twirl that has the most adorable and affordable headbands, bows, jewelry and lace rompers.  The little pink rompers Rylee is wearing came from there, and they have dresses as well.
It is a good thing Rylee started getting hungry during the session, because I seriously could have continued dressing her up and photographed her for hours!

Jonah : 2 Years Old | 1.2.14 {Kingsport TN Children Photography}

In honor of my niece's 2nd birthday you are getting a 2-in-1 post.  I cannot believe that the same little TINY baby girl born at 4lbs 7oz back in 2012 is now 2 YEARS OLD!  When my own son Sullivan was born 7 weeks later, he was already bigger than she was .. she was tiny ya'll.  

I may be a tad biased, but Jonah is soooo smart .. and already hilarious!  Her vocabulary and ability to speak in sentences blows my mind.  She has the most adorable bouncy curls to go along with her bubbly, bouncy personality.  She is such a wonderful blend of my sister Alixe and Brother-in-law David.  I love her to pieces and love the bond that her and my 3 kids are forming.  My daughter has started spending the night at their house some when we go to NC and tells me all the time that Jonah is her best friend.  I just pray she always has such good taste in friends. :)


Maelin : 2nd Birthday | 11.2.13 {Kingsport TN Birthday Photography}

In our current age of Pinterest, birthday parties are a BIG deal!  For me, this has always been the case.   Growing up my parents gave us the most wonderful birthday parties .. truly some of my fondest childhood memories.  Needless to say, I love a big birthday celebration.  The time, energy and creativity that go into parties these days truly deserves to be documented.  I have done a few birthday party sessions recently, and I can't wait to do more.

Maelin's 2nd birthday party back in November is one of my favorites by far.  Her mom Adrienne did a remarkable job incorporating the Winnie The Pooh theme into every aspect of the party.  The decorations were adorable, and the food labels were soooo creative!  She asked me to just be there to capture the guests and party happenings.  Having taken pictures for Maelin's cousin Stuart's 1st and 2nd birthdays, it was nice to see everyone.  I almost feel like an adopted member of the family.

Maitlands : Family | 11.1.13 {Kingsport TN Family Photography}

Remember this sweet family??  Tiffany wanted updated family pictures for Christmas cards now that Rylee has started smiling and become really expressive.  Unfortunately, Miss Rylee wasn't feeling 100% on the day these were taken and was pretty stingy with the sweet smiles I had seen filling Tiffany's Instagram feed for a few weeks.  I still love the shots we were able to get and couldn't have asked for a prettier day.

**side note** : Due to the fact that I am a couple months behind on posting, I can tell you that you won't want to miss an upcoming post on Rylee's 6 month photo session.  She gave us an abundance of sweet smiles!  I can't wait to share the preciousness!  But for now, enjoy the family "Christmas" pictures. 

Paces : Family |10.28.13 {Kingsport TN Family Photography}

If you read the post with Alyssa's Senior pictures you saw me write about my photographer friend Carey.  As a photographer I know what it is like to have an abundance of wonderful pictures of your own children, but a lack of pictures that include YOU.  I have learned soooo much from Carey and will forever be grateful for the time she has taken to mentor me.  She has a true gift of capturing REAL life and genuine expressions.  I am not going to lie, taking pictures of her family made me nervous.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to provide her with the "real" them that I know she loves.  I am still learning the "lifestyle" style of photography that she does so well.  They were the perfect family to practice on.  While we did several poses, they are so relaxed and natural.  You can't help but feel joy when you watch them interact.

** side note: How blessed am I to have the opportunity to photograph so many kids with AMAZING eyes?!

Andrew & Nolan : Brothers | 10.27.13 {Kingsport TN Children Photography}

Sweet little Nolan is 6 months old ... and well ... what else can I say but ... "THOSE EYES!!"  Big brother Andrew turned 5 not long before these were taken and I took some pictures of him at his party seen here, so the purpose of this session was to document Nolan's new ability to sit unsupported and get some shots of the boys together.  I asked Jennifer to bring Andrew's Tonka truck with her and I LOVE the way it worked out.

Alyssa : Senior 2014 | 10.22.13 {Kingsport TN Senior Photography}

A little over two years ago I met a fellow preschool mom who is also a photographer. Carey Pace with Images by Carey Pace and www.careypace.com has taught me SO much about photography, but she also introduced me to YoungLife Kingsport. Being a small part of an organization that is making such a big difference in the lives of local teens has been such a blessing. This past fall Carey and I actually teamed up to photograph one of our Young Life teens. Alyssa is a Senior this year and loves the outdoors, fishing and riding horses. We had such a great time capturing her at this important time in her life.  

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