The Mullins Family

I was so thrilled to get a call from Sharon wanting to schedule a fall family shoot.  I had the pleasure of meeting her and her two girls Makenzie and Savannah last fall, but this year I was able to meet Johnny and Cameron as well. :)  They are all so easy going and a lot of fun to work with.  You will notice that Savannah is wearing a hat in the majority of the pictures (which I think looked SUPER cute on her), but in a couple you can see the remnants of a recent cruise .. I think she wears braids equally as well. ;)

Josephine Just Because

Shepherd recently started Pre-School 3 days a week, which is giving Josephine and I a lot of time to spend together.  I have really enjoyed having the one on one time with her that I had with Shepherd before she was born, plus Shepherd is loving school!  Today I just LOVED what Josephine was wearing (I wish I had the whole outfit in my size), and Josephine LOVES Starburst, so I took the opportunity to bribe her with a couple pieces of candy for a few pictures.  She has the sweetest, funniest and most mischievous personality!  I love her to pieces!!  


The Johnsons LOVE fall!

I haven't put a post up with my own children since Easter, so I figured it was time. ;)  We absolutely LOVE this time of year, and recently took the kids to a local dam for some pictures.  I will have to admit that I was a little frustrated while we were there because they weren't cooperating and standing where I asked.  It is becoming harder and harder for me to crouch down to their level for "the perfect shot", and them moving all over the place only made it worse.  I finally just gave up trying to get the perfect beautiful fall background and just let them do what they wanted.  I am actually still very pleased with how they turned out.  

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