The Doebler Family!

I LOVE this family!  We met Ben and Amanda at our old church, before we moved from Johnson City to Kingsport.  They were just days away from having Wyatt at the time.  It is hard to believe that it has been almost 2 years!  Wyatt has become quite the handsome little man, and now has a new baby brother!  Graham is 4 weeks old, and absolutely precious.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to take pictures of all four of them together. :)

Avery's 1st Christmas!

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of taking Avery's 6 month pictures. Soon after, Tiffany asked if I could take some family pictures for Avery's first Christmas.  I think the Maitlands travel just as much if not more than we do, so this weekend was pretty much our only option.  Avery wasn't feeling 100%, and didn't give us quite as many smiles as usual, but we still got some great shots!

More random Shepherd and Josephine

I am with my kids ALL day EVERY day ... and I LOVE taking pictures! So needless to say I have THOUSANDS of pictures of Shepherd and Josephine (literally). Some events I feel merit their own post, but most I have grouped into a couple of random sets. This particular set includes our trip to the Fair in Gray TN, some of Josephine's 7 and 8 month shots, our trip to the beach Labor Day weekend with my family, Shepherd and our GREAT friends' from home little girl Dallas at the Farmer's Market in Greensboro NC and Halloween 2010.


Kevin and Amy - Engagements

I met and became friends with Amy our freshman year of high school.  So many friendships from high school have a way of falling apart due to time and space after high school, but a few true friendships make it.  Amy is that true friendship for me.  I am SO excited for her and Kevin!  He is a GREAT guy and has found an amazing girl.  I look forward to being a part of their big day on June 18th 2011!!


Shepherd had started taking a real interest in helping in the kitchen.  I also felt bad that so much of our play-time together had been taken away over the past several months since Josephine was born.  One day while Josephine was napping I let "him" make cupcakes.  He did an amazing job and had a BLAST!

The Johnsons in Jonesborough

This was the first time that I actually took the kids to a specific location for the sole purpose of taking pictures.  I love the old time charm and simple beauty in Jonesborough Tennessee.

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