Daddy's boots...

My husband's mother kept a pair of his cowboy boots from when he was really young and gave them to us when Shepherd was a baby.  By the time Shepherd was able to walk, his foot was too wide to ever wear them :/ ... Josephine however has tiny little skinny feet and they fit her perfectly!!  I decided last minute while Shepherd was napping to take Josephine outside and shoot a few pictures of her wearing her daddy's old boots.  It was REALLY windy, and our quick little photo shoot ended when it started to rain, but I absolutely LOVE some of the pictures I was able to get!

Avery's 1 year pictures

Avery turned 1 on April 4th, but we decided to take her 1 year pictures a little early so that Tiffany could have some printed to show at her party.  Tiffany made a cake just for pictures that was delicious!  Avery didn't come close to eating all of it during our shoot, so we all got to have a slice when we were finished. :)  I still can't believe that she is a year old, and how much she has changed in the few weeks since the pictures were taken!  More visible teeth and walking!

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