Burton Family

I have known Rebekah and Justin for a couple of years now.  We met at church, and our son Shepherd became friends with their son Kendall.  Last summer Rebekah and I, along with another woman in our Sunday school class, found out that we were expecting.  We then all discovered we were having boys!  My son Sullivan was the 1st of the three boys and was born February 19th.  Rylan the third boy, was born just over a month later, on March 21st.  It was so nice being able to go through our pregnancies together, and we are all very excited to watch the boys grow up together!  Kendall just turned 5 and will be starting Kindergarten in August.  The pictures of him playing Tball were actually taken May 24th, the evening of his 5th birthday, when his team played my son's team.  The rest of the pictures were taken June 5th. Rylan was one day shy of 11 weeks old, and so relaxed and laid back.  Kendall, who seems to be embracing the big brother role, was super silly and expressive.  He is definitely the master of funny faces. They are such a sweet family and I am thrilled that I was able to capture some images of them all together.

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