Being from NC originally, and having all of our family still live there, we decided to have the kids' birthday parties at our old church.  In the future they will have a truly combined party, but since it was Josephine's 1st we kept them more separate this year.  Josephine's party was "birdie themed" and from 2-4pm on one side of the fellowship hall.  Shepherd wanted a "Thomas birthday" and his was immediately following Josephine's on the other side of the fellowship hall.  All in all it went great, and the kids had a wonderful time :)

I also included the invitations I made for each of the kid's parties :)  

The Johnsons back in Jonesborough

I took pictures of the kids in Jonesborough TN when Josephine was 7 months old, and decided then that I wanted to come back for their birthday pictures.  Josephine turned 1 on January 29th and Shepherd turned 3 on January 31st!
The little white hat and coat that Josephine is wearing in several of the pictures was actually given to ME on my 1st birthday from my grandparents.  I had no clue that my mother had held on to it for all of these years, and when I was pregnant with Josephine she gave it back to me.  I have had it hanging in her nursery ever since waiting for her 1 year pictures. :)

Tis The Season!

I decided to go with grey and pink for the kids Christmas outfits this year.  I LOVED Josephine's little dress, so of course had to find something for big brother to wear that would coordinate for pictures. ;) 

Having just gotten my new camera at Thanksgiving, I was eager to play around with it, and what better to take pictures of than Christmas ornaments!

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